Kubernetes in the DARZ Cloud

Kubernetes is open source software that allows you to custom deploy and manage applications running on containers.

Kubernetes is the obvious choice when it comes to running cloud-native workloads. Cloud Native is a collection of technologies that enable developers to build applications faster, better, and more accessibly. We build your own private Kubernetes cluster in our powerful OpenStack platform.

We provide a fully managed service where we monitor the cluster 24/7 and perform upgrades about twice a year. The upgrades are scheduled in collaboration with the customer and we perform a rolling upgrade node by node with no downtime.

There is an integration between Kubernetes and Openstack that allows customers to manage resources such as persistent storage or load balancers directly in Kubernetes itself.

Since Kubernetes runs on the well-known, high-performance OpenStack platform, we integrate seamlessly with the features provided.

Your advantages

  • Load Balancer Service
  • Persistent Storage
  • Ingress Controller way
  • Metrics and Platform visibility


  • Web UI
  • Rest API
  • Command Line Client
Region Darmstadt
Power 100% green power
Compute Openstack instances from v1-standard-2 and larger
LoadBalancer Openstack load balancer
Ingress NGINX ingress controller, or any alternative requested by customer.
Monitoring DARZ team proactively monitors cluster health and resources
Auto Scaling Yes, vertical and horizontal
  • Calico CNI
  • Fully redundant
  • Anycast Routing
  • 0,5ms latency to Frankfurt
  • Threat protection included
Network Policies Yes
Helm support Yes
Backup Self-managed backups

Object storage is a good choice for storing backups of data that is stored elsewhere

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