A so-called PRIVATE IT Infrastructure combines technologies for the virtualisation of hardware, management software and the automation of storage, server and network processes, with which applications, data and resources can be managed securely, efficiently and economically.

In the private IaaS environment, DARZ relies on VMware and Openstack. You decide which feature base you prefer. Furthermore, you choose whether you want to be able to run together with other systems on one hardware, supported by multi-client capability and complete separation – which stands for maximum scalability and cost efficiency – or whether you want your own infrastructure with dedicated hardware. At DARZ, you can choose this at any time according to your needs and set it up via our various managed service levels.

Private Cloud Services - the choice is yours

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use the self-service portal to your Software Defined Datacenter to carry out configurations yourself, aim for a mixed form with service by DARZ or have the operations managed completely by DARZ: Last but not least, you decide over how many locations your IaaS should be distributed synchronously or asynchronously. This can be a data center module – or fire section – or two or more data centers

A distinction is made between 3 different options for the private cloud:

  • Shared Infrastructure at DARZ
  • Dedicated Infrastructure at DARZ
  • BARE METAL Infrastructure at DARZ

Cloud - security, quality and availability

DARZ stands for the highest security, quality and availability. This naturally applies to our entire service portfolio. When your IT department reaches its limits, we support you with monitoring and operation of your infrastructure up to OS level. This allows your IT to concentrate on applications and core business without having to worry about IT.

Advantages of the private cloud at a glance:

  • Modular structure of the infrastructure
  • Can be implemented in different fire zones
  • Optionally as a dual data centre solution with the highest security standards, including synchronously mirrored storage systems
  • Highest data security
  • Consulting for in-house storage
  • Conformity with Basel III and Luxembourg regulations
  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • German data protection
  • Possibility of providing critical infrastructure (KRITIS)

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