Firewall-as-a-Service from DARZ

DARZ works with established partners from the IT security sector to design our high-quality firewall service. Completely flexible and adapted to the needs of the customer.

A protective wall for your business

DARZ’s managed firewall service provides advanced next-generation firewall technology in the form of a managed service to protect your IT infrastructure. For DARZ, the security of the network, IT services and business processes is a top priority. With our firewall services, we take responsibility for the security of the interfaces between your company’s LAN, WAN and IP networks, as well as for all administrative and operational tasks.

Advantages of our firewall at a glance:

  • Security in the hands of specialists (24/7)
  • Monitoring (24/7)
  • Planning security due to operating service at a monthly fixed price
  • No own service personnel required
  • Protection systems are always up to date
  • No high investments or jump fixed costs

Firewall at the highest level

Clients receive a service based on the latest Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) systems. Of course, this includes an intrusion detection and intrusion prevention system to ensure the best possible protection of your sensitive data. Optionally, special individual defense measures can also be implemented at the applications level of the firewall to detect and defend against distributed and intelligent attacks. For this purpose, large amounts of detailed information on the data traffic of all web applications such as deep packet, SSL and SSH inspection are evaluated. Reputation-based rules and quality-of-service functions round off the firewall’s qualified defenses.

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