Cross Connect Services and Solutions from DARZ

We realize for our customers at any time the connection between their own data center space or their rack and the available internet providers, internet exchange nodes, or even hyperscalers. This can be realized by our Cross-Connect Service. From 1 GB to 100 GB, every variant is possible for you. Modular, like our Data-Centric Services, you can also freely select the connector type.

Why Cross Connects?

Using cross-connects in a data center eliminates the use of loops and expensive dark fiber connections. A direct connection also has a positive effect on latency and thus on better network performance. In this context, you also benefit from proximity to other providers, content, and business opportunities. Expanded access to service providers and enterprises, coupled with geographic diversity, gives you strategic flexibility to deliver peak performance yourself. As a result, you are able to reduce network costs, increase speed, and significantly optimize the performance of your applications.

How our Cross Connect Services work:

Through cross-connects, your IT infrastructure is connected to patch panels in the space you rent. These, in turn, are networked to our Meet-me-Room (MMR). Via the MMR, a direct connection is established between two customers – for example, you and a carrier. Cross connects provide cost-effective and reliable connectivity for a wide range of applications, including carrier and Internet exchange connectivity, private peering, cloud services, and connectivity to private WANs.

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