Selecting the right Cloud Solution

Today, choosing the right cloud solution seems very complicated. The range of variants, all of which are powerful, flexible and efficient, seems never-ending. Infrastructure-as-a-Service, private cloud, public cloud, hyperscalers, community cloud, shared or dedicated solutions – what does all that actually mean, and which option is right for you? What are the specific advantages and disadvantages of using the cloud for you?

Freedom of choice in a new dimension

One thing is certain: a mixture of all available solutions would be optimum. A true hybrid solution allows you to combine the benefits of different infrastructures. DARZ is the developer and operator of the first real hybrid cloud platform (NPSaaS). We offer you exactly these advantages, including the neutral knowledge, in order to design and build the right solution together with you. In the private cloud field, we implement shared and dedicated infrastructures based on VMware and OpenStack. In the public cloud area, we are committed to partnerships with the hyperscalers AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer/Bluemix, CloudSigma, Profitbricks and VMWare, and, above all, to seamless integration. With us, you can combine these services as you wish. A trouble-free combination of your colocation solution makes our concept ultimately unique. Our modular and highly innovative cloud service offering is complemented by Docker & Container-as-a-Service for Infrastructure-as-a-Code / DevOPS.

Integrated Cloud Solutions

As part of our portfolio of cloud services, we offer holistic solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds. We offer the direct connection to all major cloud service providers as well as IaaS offerings based on a TÜV-certified OpenStack environment or with VMware solutions. We are happy to realize customer- and project-specific dedicated private IaaS environments or use our enterprise-private-shared infrastructure.

Cloud solutions for startups, SMEs and CIOs: something for everyone

Due to their distinct modularity and flexibility, our cloud solutions address companies of all sizes and industries. For example, they create an optimal entry for startups and the basis for clean data-driven processes and value-added models without the use of large financial and human resources. SMEs, on the other hand, greatly benefit from the fact that they can easily rework and design their IT infrastructure without the need for interruptions and other difficulties for the first time due to the presence of legacy IT. This raises previously unknown growth potential for them. Through access to the hybrid cloud platform, Group customers and their CIOs ultimately obtain an innovation tool that not only optimizes processes and reduces costs, but actually contributes to genuine innovations in products and services.

  • The data in your cloud is and remains in Germany (conforms to German data protection guidelines)
  • Enterprise sets storage performance and features
  • Dedicated fiber-optic infrastructure 
  • Complete integration into a unique solution consisting of colocation, private cloud, and public cloud
  • Data can also be encrypted in the cloud
  • Various hyperscalers available and simultaneously usable

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