Interact with DARZ and the Public Cloud!

Our hyperscaler solution is the network connection between the customer's IT infrastructure in the DARZ data center or in one of our partner data centers to the IT equipment of all hyperscalers available in Germany. The communication is done using DARZ's dedicated DWDM infrastructure, which operates independently and completely separated from the public Internet with low latency. With our Hyperscaler Hub you can establish private connections directly to your own IT resources in the data center. Using VLANs, this dedicated connection can be divided into multiple virtual interfaces.

Advantages at a glance

  • No dependency on a hyperscale vendor (no vendor lock-in)
  • High agility of deployment
  • Ability to flexibly reach our data centers and various hyperscale services via two connections (redundant)
  • Direct Connect as a "turn-key service”
  • Very low latency
  • High bandwidth in 100 Mbps steps up to 10 Gbps
  • Flexible bandwidth scalability and thus reduced bandwidth costs
  • Network isolation through VLANs
  • Routing management through DARZ

Public cloud concepts are the measure of all things when it comes to flexibility, scalability and performance in IT operations. Not least, the public cloud approach has helped cloud computing move from theory to practice and from practice to breakthrough. With our hybrid cloud platform, it is easily possible to combine the benefits of colocation with those of private and public cloud to get the most out of your own business data. With your Hyperscaler Hub, i.e. the connecting interface between the leading public cloud providers in Germany (AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Google Cloud Platform (GCP)), we have maximized the benefits of the public cloud for you.

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