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DARZ – your IT Solution Provider

DARZ supports companies of different sizes and from different industries in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation. Our motto is: Data is more valuable than money. With this in mind, we offer a large portfolio of Data-Centric Services based on our own high-security data center. We work with our customers and partners to find individual and scalable IT solutions, because we recognize that the data available to a company is at the core of its economic success, its ability to innovate and its growth potential.

Provider of Data-Centric Services

DARZ acts as a full IT service provider with its own data center. The special feature of our Data Centric Services, apart from their performance, is their distinct modularity, flexibility and scalability. This means that each customer can put together the services relevant to him at the time in terms of quantity, quality and combination with other services. We support customers and partners in this process in order to jointly develop the right solution. At DARZ, all services are highly individual due to the multiple combination options – a prerequisite for creating real innovations with the help of technology. As a provider in this context, DARZ has a unique combination of infrastructure, technology, know-how and cooperation partners to bring forth something truly new. Not just process optimizations to maintain our own position.

In this service environment, together with partners and customers, we have not only helped to streamline processes and save money – we have created innovations. For example, DARZ was the first provider to develop a true hybrid cloud and is thus a decisive driver for the concept of multi-cloud sourcing. In this hybrid cloud, it is possible for the first time to redistribute data in real time between colocation, private cloud and public cloud and to use the most suitable technology for processing in each case. As a provider, DARZ offers customers and partners Leading Edge infrastructures, services and know-how with the highest quality and security to master current and future digital challenges and gain competitive advantages.

Our Data Center - Core of the Data Centric Universe

The core of our Data Centric Universe is our data center. Here, confidential data is kept as safe as gold. After all, it is located in the former vault building of the Hessische Landesbank. Until 2005, the money and gold reserves of the state of Hesse were stored there.

In 2009, investor Sergey Mirochnik acquired the building, which had won several architectural awards, and developed it into one of the most modern and secure green IT data centers in Germany in cooperation with renowned partners. As a provider, DARZ meets the highest requirements for building and data security. In terms of data protection, it is subject to the EU-DSGVO. The building itself was constructed to the highest security standards and has a state-of-the-art concept for building security and fire protection and suppression.

The level of physical security is comparable to that of a data center in the Swiss mountains – just 30 kilometers from the Frankfurt hub.

We divide our offering into four main categories:

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