Diverse connectivity options

DARZ can be your partner of choice as a general contractor to handle all connectivity concerns. The Connectivity Offer basically includes all current technologies, ranging from Dark Fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet services, Site-to-Site VPN, MPLS and Client VPN.

Dark Fiber connections at DARZ

Dark Fiber is a laid but unused fiber optic. It can be rented by users. The unused fiber optic does not transmit light pulses. For this reason, it is called Dark Fiber. The fiber optics have no infrastructure and are used by suppliers for backbone, connection and wide area. They must be equipped with the required infrastructure, chiefly optical components, by the user.

Dark Fiber lines are often installed in coordination with power companies when power cables are laid. This fiber optic is offered without additional services as a point-to-point connection. For example, DARZ has a dedicated Dark Fiber ring which guarantees the connection of the high-security center in Darmstadt with the 5 major data center providers in Frankfurt. And with a snappy roundtrip time of just 0.4 ms. DARZ can also rent and operate fiber optic connections for you.

Wavelengths at DARZ

Using Adva, DARZ operates infrastructure for customers with its partner Dacoso DWDM. This means that we can guarantee optimal price-performance ratios for existing Dark Fiber lines while providing wavelengths for you. Wavelength services from DARZ offer optical connectivity with an impressive capacity – between 1 and 100Gbit/s – which supports many protocol interfaces such as Ethernet, SDH/SONET, OTN, and Fibre Channel. The technology used for the network is specially designed for the rapidly changing telecommunications market. The network uses existing carrier-class technology such as Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and current photonic integrated circuits. We also offer certified real-time encapsulation up to 100Gbit/s in the area of wavelengths.

Ethernet service from DARZ

You want to use direct Ethernet services so you do not have to worry about network infrastructure? DARZ takes care of the switches and provides the complete service from 1GBit/s to 100GBit/s, with or without VLANs, trunks and other technologies. Ethernet Services from DARZ are based on a mature LAN solution and expand their reach over the entire WAN through carrier-class technology.

Connect safely with MPLS

If you need an MPLS connection, you can assign it to the carrier of your choice, or assign it to DARZ. DARZ will be glad to assist you with the selection, negotiation and realization – irrespective of whether the order is handled by DARZ as a general contractor or not. MPLS offers customers with multiple sites the possibility to securely network via WAN.

Site-to-site VPN

If your project does not require a dedicated connection and MPLS is out of the question for cost reasons, then we implement Site-to-Site connections between yours and our firewall. If you would like us to manage the firewall from our location, DARZ is happy to accept this on request.

Client VPN access from DARZ

Through our service Firewall-as-a-Service, we provide Client VPN accesses through our Next-Generation Firewall Systems. This can also be done with two-way authentication.

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