Disaster Recovery aaS

Disaster recovery - an integrated concept

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offers the protection of IT-based business processes based on regular backup in combination with the provision of a virtual server platform (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). In this context, Disaster Recovery from DARZ designs the protection of IT-based business processes against data loss and unavailability in the event of a disaster.

Possible disaster recovery scenarios

  • Ransomware attack – cyber crime with data encryption
  • System failures due to natural disasters
  • Failures of individual systems due to technical defects or power outages
  • Damage caused by fire or water intrusion
  • Disruptions caused by user misconduct or sabotage

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service offers the cost-effective alternative to the complete duplication of the entire IT landscape in a data center, which is often too expensive and complicated. The DARZ Disaster Recovery solution is specifically tailored to the needs of mid-sized businesses and enterprises due to its high flexibility, scalability and the use of the hybrid model. It is cost-efficient and secure.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Individual arrangements in the event of a disaster (recovery concept)
  • Clearly defined scope of services with fixed prices (the main part of the costs is only incurred in the event of a disaster)
  • Highest availability and short replication intervals
  • Linear scalability to adapt to any demand
  • Easy and reliable restart of systems
  • Optional recovery of servers in DARZ infrastructure or in the public cloud to save deployment costs
  • Different models with different vendors (vendor independence)

Main components of Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service

Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service is composed of the following main components. Storage-as-a-Service or Backup-as-a-Service from DARZ is required as a basis to use the service. If the data is located on the storage system provided by DARZ, DARZ can offer the following Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service variants:

  • 1

    Private Dedicated

    DARZ hosts a dedicated VMware or Hyper-V infrastructure including SLA. In the event of a disaster, the customer can independently or jointly with DARZ use the appropriate resources to recover the infrastructure with the existing data as quickly as possible. The customer can get full access to his private dedicated environment (Management/Administrative)

  • 2

    Private Shared

    DARZ hosts a shared VMware infrastructure with sufficient resources for the customer in case of disaster. A VM and storage resource set is defined and reserved for the customer (including SLA). The customer gets access to different management interfaces with limited rights.

  • 3


    The customer uses the capacity of the hyperscaler(s) at will. Hyperscaler connectivity must be permanently realized and established in advance. No SLA agreement is possible on the part of the hyperscaler(s). The incurred compute resource costs are only incurred when the hyperscaler is used in testing or disaster situations.

The three main components of Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service can be easily combined. For example, it is possible to operate with your own IT infrastructure in the colocation and integrate it into the concept. In addition, emergency workstations are also available at DARZ so that you can establish a fully comprehensive business continuity management.

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