Providers of Public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Public IaaS), or hyperscalers, in DARZ’s Data Centric Universe are Microsoft Azure, Google and AWS. Each of these hyperscalers has a different feature set. We have broken this down for you and made it comparable. Ultimately, however, they all offer flexibility, scalability, and hourly billing. For this reason, DARZ maintains intensive partnerships with all hyperscalers and constantly exchanges know-how with them.

The Hyperscaler Hub from DARZ

For our customers and partners, we have connected all relevant hyperscalers within our Hyperscaler Hub and added them to our hybrid cloud platform. Accessing the services via DARZ results in numerous advantages for you. For example, you can get unified reporting and billing if you wish. This means you don’t have to pay by credit card. You also need support in selecting the right provider or in implementing or operating in the public cloud providers.

DARZ offers you exactly that – and tailor-made. Thanks to our modular service approach, you can obtain and now also combine the resources of the hyperscalers to exactly the extent you need. Decide whether and which hyperscaler you want to procure directly or whether you want to entrust us with the management. If you wish, DARZ can also be your single point of contact for support. We support you holistically with our partners in selection, implementation and operation.

Hyperscalers from DARZ

  • – AWS (Amazon Web Service)
  • – Google CLOUD
  • – Microsoft AZURE

All hyperscalers can be combined with CLOUD services (PRIVATE CLOUD) from DARZ in a modular way at any time.

hybrid cloud

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