Storage aaS

Storage aaS from DARZ

DARZ GmbH has an extensive range of storage services that guarantee you the security and flexibility you need. For this purpose, we provide you with highly available enterprise storage systems from NetApp and HITACHI. These are located in different fire compartments and are fully redundantly integrated into the DARZ backbone network and thus also connected to your sites.

The added value of Storage-as-a-Service

The use of Storage-as-a-Service saves investments in the areas of data center infrastructure, electricity, hardware and software as well as ongoing costs for maintenance and personnel. Depending on customer requirements, data can be physically stored at one or more locations. The security and availability of an enterprise storage system combined with volume-based and geographical scalability offer you numerous advantages.

Advantages of Storage aaS at a glance

  • No high investments in IT infrastructure
  • No fixed costs
  • Storage-as-a-Service is flexible and scalable
  • We store your data in a DSGVO and ISO27001 compliant way
  • Enterprise storage feature set for replication & migrations (HITACHI and NetApp)
  • Different storage technologies and thus performance classes (flash, SSD, SAS, SATA) available
  • S3-as-a-Service transmission

How to use Storage aaS from DARZ?

DARZ provides storage capacities with full enterprise feature set via Ethernet or fiber channel network infrastructure. This storage can be provided either in the DARZ data center or in DARZ’s partner data centers. You can choose between different performance classes.

You put together the Storage-as-a-Service configuration yourself:

The storage can be used for a wide variety of application scenarios (e.g. data storage, backup storage, storage target for hypervisor infrastructures).

  • The number of fire zones before placing storage components
  • Physical data center locations
  • Backup / replication mechanisms, if applicable
  • Management by DARZ or by own Disaster Recovery

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