Colocation & Server Housing services: a clever concept

Colocation & Server Housing services: a clever concept

Colocation is an IT megatrend. The development is driven above all by the strongly pronounced urge from companies to outsource. This also means the outsourcing of their own IT into other data center infrastructures through colocation. Organizations from all conceivable industries are taking this path to reduce their associated capital and running costs while integrating new powerful resources to process their data. In the case of Colocation & Server Housing, arguments for scalability and flexibility come to the fore.

Colocation and Server Housing at DARZ

For DARZ, colocation is another central puzzle piece within our modular Data Centric Services. To get the most from your data, it is essential to use powerful infrastructure that is always up-to-date, easily scaled and flexible in application and procurement. It is also important to be able to effortlessly integrate colocation capacities into the concept of the Hybrid Cloud Platform at DARZ. In this way, you can always choose whether to process your data from colocation, private cloud or public cloud resources. This degree of freedom of choice will not be found anywhere else.

What you can expect from our colocation solutions

Colocation at DARZ means operating your own IT with your own staff from a different data center environment. For starters, you receive floor space, cooling, power supply, connectivity and physical security will the high-security data center on a pay-as-you-go model. Modular Data Centric Services mean, however, that you can extend and tailor these services. This allows you to get everything from one to several racks – either procured and operated by us or used by our managed services. You can also choose whether your IT operates in a shared area or in cages or private rooms. The ultimate expression of seclusion with DARZ’s Server Housing is the use of your racks in a vault behind a ten-ton steel door (9 metric tons). Your data’s security is guaranteed here without having to forgo a strong connection to the outside world.

Connectivity: inwardly secure, outwardly boundless

At DARZ, you have access to more than 700 carriers, including all Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers from Germany as well as all Tier 3 carriers from the Rhine-Main-Neckar region. In addition, you are able to share data across more than 25 Internet exchanges in our Data-Centric Universe and can access services from all 6 major hyperscalers / public cloud providers. Connections are made according to your wishes via fiber optics, directional radio, and satellite.

Dual Data Center scenarios

We maintain partnerships with the leading data center providers in Frankfurt and are thus able to distribute and process your data globally. Your central contract and contact person remains us. The distance of 20 miles (30 kilometers) between our location in Darmstadt and Frankfurt is an invaluable advantage for your business. It allows you to meet the strict requirements of BaFIN, Basel III and the Luxembourg Ordinance by operating your IT synchronously or asynchronously at two different data center locations or by setting up backup scenarios. In addition, Darmstadt and Frankfurt are located in two different hazard zones (earthquakes) and you thus enjoy additional protection. Our own Dark Fiber fiber optic ring guarantees smooth data exchange with a roundtrip time of just 0.4 ms, just like the data centers in Frankfurt.

Colocation & Server Housing for SMEs

Our Data Centric services are of particular interest for small and medium-sized enterprises, especially for Internet and firewall solutions. They ensure a strong simplification of colocation utilization while maximizing cost efficiency, quality enhancement and scalability. The use of our Colocation and Housing service is a first step for SMEs in making their own processes more efficient and saving costs. You can benefit in many other ways as well if you go beyond process optimization to the development of innovations in products and services. Our Data Centric Universe offers the right solution for every challenge. At the same time, our high-security data center in the former vault building of the Hesse Central Bank, the core of our Universe, is the safest place for your IT with its sophisticated safety concept, 11 fire sections and a strong security infrastructure – even against bomb attacks, shelling and aircraft crashes. Our safety and performance are certified in accordance with ISO27001 and PCI-DSS among others and have been awarded the German Data Center Prize.

Modular data-centric services

The modular service portfolio of DARZ allows all available elements to be combined freely. You can opt for our Colocation today, and the Private and/or Public Cloud tomorrow – whatever is required. With Colocation and Server Housing from DARZ, you are always well-positioned: today, tomorrow and into the future.

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